The Story

The Team was founded for the Worlds 2010 in Tallinn. We started there as the youngest and newest Team in the Melges24-Circuit. Our Result at the Worlds wasn't the best but it was an incentive for us as Team to start up a real campaign!

Gemü in sailing

2002 GEMÜ starts sponsoring Sandro Fuchs (SUI) in A-Class Catamaran
2003 GEMÜ starts sponsoring C. Gelsdorf and H.Schäfer in Vaurien
2004 GEMÜ sponsored C. Gelsdorf the class change to olympic 470
2004 - 2006 GEMÜ sponsored the campaign of Opalka and Gelsdorf in 470
2007 - 2009 GEMÜ sponsored Christopher Gelsdorf in Starclass
2008 GEMÜ sponsored Sandro Fuchs (SUI) in ESSE 850
2010 GEMÜ sponsored the Worlds in Tallinn for the YCRA Melges Team
2010 GEMÜ-SAILING-TEAM is founded
2010 GEMÜ-SAILING-TEAM and Yacht Club Radolfzell start Cooperation